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The 50’ Cammate Travel Series Crane


Without a doubt this is one of the most user-friendly and easily controlled camera cranes in the world. With its awesome speed of assembly (15 mins), the versatility of the Dutch roll head and the fact it is assembled from 8’ long sections, this crane will enable us to more easily convey the majesty of the interior of large historical buildings as well as grab “over the roof” shots. All this greatness packs down into a relatively small space, an essential when on the move, and it comes in a series of custom-fitted Peli cases. We will be reporting back on the shots that we took with this piece of equipment, and posting the clips on the site after the expedition - so watch this space!


Lowel Super Ambi Kit


On the Tracing Tea expedition we will be traveling through some of the world’s most stunning and inhospitable scenery. The remoteness of many of our key locations means that popping round to the nearest lighting rig hire firm is not an option. However, we are still required to generate the very finest lighting setups to compliment the subjects. Into the breach stepped Lowel with their commendably complete and ergonomically packed Super Ambi Kit, which is comprised of 2 Tota-lights (T1-10), 2 750w, 120v lamps (EMD),2 Omni-lights (01-10), 2 Omni Barndoors (01-20), 2 500w, 120v lamps (FTK), 1 Rifa eX 55 (LC-55EX), 1 500w, 120v lamp (EHC), 1 Pro-light (P2-10), 1 Pro-light 4-way Barndoors (iP-20), 1 200w, 120v lamp (FVL), 5 Omni-stands (01-33), 1 KS Jr. Stand (DT-33), 1 Omni Full Scrim (01-54), 1 Omni Half Scrim (01-55),
2 Tota-brellas (T1-25), 3 Tota-frames (T1-20), 2 Assorted
Gels (T1-78), 1 Pro & i Gel Frame (iP-40), 1 Pro &
i Gels (iP-78), 1 ViP lampak (ViP-61), 1 Tota-flag (T1-52),
1 Tota-flector (T1-54), 1 Pkgs Flexi-shafts (2) (T1-50),
1 Lobo Arm & Lobo (F1-41), 1 Tota-tatch (T1-34),
1 Tota-mount (T1-32), 1 Tota-clamp (T1-30), 1 12-yard
roll Gaffer-tape (GT-12), 1 Tota/Omni Lampak (T0-61)
and a 1 DP/Tota Lampak (DT-61) 1 01-86Z case. This is
a lighting kit that we anticipate will meet every interior,
interview, and subject with the same reliability and
versatility that has made Lowel an industry standard for
innovative and customer-focused lighting solutions.

Sony HDW-F900 R


The HDW-F900 R delivers a picture with outstanding color reproduction accuracy. This is achieved using an 2/3” 2.2 Mega pixel FIT CCD and the latest generation of innovation in terms of hardware and software that Sony is so justly renowned for. Having assessed a wide range of perfectly credible options for this expedition we were repeatedly
reminded in practically every aspect of assessment that
the HDW-F900 R stood head and shoulders above the rest of crowd.
The result will be for the world to see as soon as we
emerge from the editing suite.