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Through the Tracing Tea documentary the Maximum Exposure Team intends to reveal the true nature of Europe, Iran, Central Asia, China and the Indian Sub-Continent to a global audience through original written material, photography and film footage.


Many of the countries along our route appear frequently in the media but the picture painted is rarely a positive one – countries and peoples are reduced merely to location of human and natural disasters, perpetrators of wars, human rights abuses and sectarian violence. It is very rare for the traditional media to look at the people beyond the headlines.


Tracing Tea aims to produce a different kind of material. Travelling without a political, religious or social agenda, the Tracing Tea team will take time to discover, record and ultimately present, the stories of ordinary people and extraordinary places. In doing so we hope to showcase the rich cultural heritages, varying religious traditions and fascinating social practices lived each day by people along the route, enriching the global understanding of their audience and challenging the dominant stereotypes that so often impact upon our relations with other people, other religions and other nations.