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  1. Respect all users and act responsibly at all times

  2. We respect everyone’s right to express their opinion but we do not permit hate speech

  3. We will not tolerate predatory behaviour, threats, harassment, invading privacy or revealing another members’ personal information. Any one caught doing this will be banned from Tracing Tea.

  4. Views made by users do not necessarily reflect the views of Tracing Tea.

  5. If you find resources or comments offensive let us know

  6. We will do our best to remove resources if they are deemed to be inappropriate and/or inaccurate. However it is your responsibility to ensure that resources are accurate and appropriate to your students before you use them as a teaching aid.

  7. Resources of a pornographic or sexual nature, of graphic or gratuitous violence, of abuse to humans or animals or of a shocking nature are completely forbidden.

  8. Please ensure that you have the necessary permission from anyone who may feature in your resource

  9. Respect copyright – only upload resources if you have permission to do so.

  10. Respect the rules and have fun!